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Transition Management

Making transitions seamless whilst driving progress

The original idea: Introducing a lean LEAN management culture

Your RoadMap to Lean 

Preparing for change

"If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail."

Benjamin Franklin

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Knowledge transfer

"The way you think, the way you become."

Brian Tracey

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Embarking on Lean

"If you stop getting better, you stop being good."

Oliver Cromwell

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Our value proposition - Your RoadMap to Lean

Preparing for change

Building the foundation for your future

‘Go and see’ where you are today & where you want to go

Before starting to train you and your people on the essential Lean tools, we will together assess your current situation and define the purpose of the changes ahead. 

During this phase we define where to start, where to go  and how to get there. Once completed you will have:

- an understanding of what Lean is and how to lead lean
- a clear communication plan
- a step by step itinerary for your Lean journey
- a change team who will lead the teams on this new journey

Now your team understands the purpose of the changes ahead and can shift to the new way of looking at things.

Learning Differently

Pragmatic & easy to understand

To create an engaging atmoshpere, we have developped a series of Lean games using unique tools.

Participants will immediately be thrown back into their early experiences of playing, and as a consequence learn the various Lean tools and ways to observe the environment in an enjoyable and relaxing fashion.

There are no rules, but only experiences from which your teams will develop an in depth understanding of Lean thinking and the related tools.

Customised tools

What can be more fascinating than seeing the real environment in a miniature world.

With our customisable tools, we can reproduce your specific industrial environment with its equipment and flows as models, that can be touched, amended, improved and even maybe removed. We call the this prototyping gamification.

Anything that in reality may seem as an unsurmountable hurdle, can be experimented in a model world.


You don't have to worry about anything.

We will identify together your needs and requirements, and all the materials will be adapted to get your teams under way on your collective Lean journey.

Let your teams lead the way to a promising and successful future.

Our Values


Honesty is our first and foremost attribute we belive in. 
Only with total transparency you can achieve conditionless participation of all involved stakeholders. As soon as your teams can put aside all worries of being played or used for someone other's  benefit, everyone will give everything in their ability to make progress together.

Honesty drives confidence


No matter at what level you are within the organisation, your input is key to the future. 
A company's culture is driven by leadership and how the majority behaves as a consequence. 
Respect is especially being practiced top-down, only then teams do feel valued and part of something bigger.

Respect drives trust


We do believe in what we do. Our conviction is that every organisation has opportunities to grow through inherent knowledge and creativity.
Once you get your team to share their views, and you are attentively taking them seriously, you are creating  an orgnaically growing engagement, which will drive your business further than you may have ever dared to believe.

Engagement grows business

Our Vision

Our vision is to create cultural change into a lean organisation through shared commitment across all levels of the organisation. Every single individual has a voice with the freedom to share ideas, concerns, fears and success.

Our Mission

We will achieve this through a structured step-by-step program, which will assure that no one is left behind, and that all aspects of the journey have been covered before moving on to the next level.
Our focus is on the right-first-time foundation creation, to assure you are ready to embark on the Lean journey.  

Transition Management

Filling the gaps

You may face an unforeseen loss in your management team, but having those roles empty for too long may impact your business and staff morale.

We offer short- and longterm transition management, to fill in the gaps and support your thrive  to maintain a smoothly running business.

We have experience from cusomer service, through operations to general site management.

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate your management team to continue to follow your line of strategy, and work with your people to achieve sustainable service quality with focus on customer partnership underlined with quantifiable results.
...and continuously driving a LEAN culture.

"When aiming for the horizon, you aim for the future, so you better be ready for what it may bring."

Michael Schroeger

About Michael's horizon

After more than 30 years of professional experience within the consumer & industrial sector, Michael decided to share his experience with organisations which are ready and willing to change.

His experience in working with global leaders within the fast moving bluechip, entertainment  and pharmaceutical market, has enabled him to live through the life-cycles of multiple product launches and market-changing initiatives.

The constant thrive for optimisation and aiming for perfection through his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt methodology was one of his 'passions'; today, it is his 'conviction' that change for the better is possible to create stable and continuously improving working environments, where the term 'people are our capital' are not just only fashionable words, but a living system where everyone aims for the same: 
a common safe future.


Trainings and transition management services can be delivered in English, French and German. 

Websites can only deliver a certain amount of information, we actually prefer having one-to-one exchanges..so don't hesitate getting in touch by means of details hereafter : 

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